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White Corporate

Driven by passion and creative solution, White Corporate was established to provide design consultation and project management service to corporate clients and homeowners. Our design style is to come up with a theme based design concept for our clients. We are known for our emphasis on simplicity and clean lines and our philosophy is to continually adapt to meet the needs and trends of the current market.

White Space Living


White 2 Partnership


About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to keep our design aesthetically pleasing and budget beneficial to our clients. Our design philosophy is to continually adapt to meet the needs and trends of the current market.

Our Services

- Interior Design Consultation

- Space Planning & Conceptualisation

- M&E detailing, Construction Drawings

- Material & Colour Research

- Budgetary Quotation

- Alteration & additional work

- Tender and Briefing

- Systematic Design & Project Mgt Programme

- Furniture Selection

- Lighting Design & Tile Selection

- Styling Service


Contact Us

Get in touch with us! Our design consultants will attend to your queries made with our enquiry form.

Alternatively you may want to send your comments or queries via email.

All consultations by appointments only.

Kindly fix an appointment with us before visiting.


15 Jalan Kilang Barat

#07-01 Frontech Centre

Singapore 159357

Tel: 65 6323 3139

Fax: 65 6270 8588



We have maintained a good track record of portfolios and received several positive testimonials from our clients.

Our outstanding projects have often been selected and featured like Singapore leading ID magazines like Home & Decor, Square Room an Home Concepts.


White Space Living

White Space Living provides design consultation and project management for new HDB owners since year 2001. Our design emphasis is on fluid transparent spaces that help to improve verbal and visual contacts within the family members.

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  • Mosaic Creation

    • (Holland Close)
    • Modern Fusion
    • Sweet caramel, creamy, cappuccino & latte. This apartment flows with all the delicious drinks. The central wardrobe which allows access from the front and back creates a statement.
  • Spa White

    • (Telok Blangah)
    • Minimalist White
    • Total relaxation whereby you can see clearly. The soft palette of white neutralizes your tiredness. Just soak yourself in the tub and think of nothing.


  • Black Dancer

    • (Eunos Crescent)
    • Modern Electric
    • What do you think of transforming a house to black wall? Look at this exceptional apartment with its unique charm, black and monochromatic.


  • White Ambientic

    • (Toh Guan)
    • Contemporary Cosy
    • "It" gives a timeless feel. "It" creates infinite love. Every colour, element, material, design blends with "it". "It" is "White".
  • Black and White

    • (Bishan)
    • Despite the layout limitations, this apartment exudes space and luxury with its open concept and glossy modern style.


  • Pink Lover

    • (Clementi)
    • Retro Art Deco
    • The couple loves pink, not only on the dressing but also the apartment. The mood of each space is set by its colour scheme, from happy candy shades to the earthly calm feel.


  • Beyond the Surfaces

    • (Pasir Ris)
    • Modern Tropical
    • What you see is what you see..." The richness in simplicity of the interior can be experienced as you spot our precise attention to the details of the furniture, the balance between the natural lights and the colour scheme. Last but not least, the harmony which is created through the combination of the materials blends perfectly.


  • Raw Relief

    • (Sengkang)
    • Raw Minimalist
    • The concept begins with a strong sense of space and light... and end with the right selection of furniture. The relationship between the flow and the furniture relates the interpretation of the space; and getting the feel right important too.


  • Colour Harmony

    • (Edgefield Plains)
    • Modern Sleek
    • The yellow colour acts as a constant companion through the space. It started with an interesting brief. The balance between the requirements and the creativity of the interior is precisely calibrated to express the beauty of proportion and the scale of furniture.


  • Green Border

    • (Punggol Central)
    • Cosy Comfort
    • The long dining table forms an attraction in itself, like a magnet drawing your attention, fulfilling the needs of all functions and arousing the interest of our vision. The pivot partition which stop at each point seems to have bid a final farewell to those conventional screens and given the flexibility of re-entering the interior at a different flow...


  • Ice Block

    • (Edgefield Plains)
    • Futuristic Cool
    • Functions, materials and colours give each space a separate identit. Not only is the black feature wall in the limelight of the interior, each space seems to have a connection which has successfully linked each elevation together. Moreover, the boldness, the surprise and the seduction has also marks the creativity of the flow in this project.


  • Plane Fanatic

    • (Senja Road)
    • Space Infinity
    • Sky-blue has a soothing effect, an almost vaporous feeling... It started with an interesting design brief and the next thing you know is that the space has totally transformed into an interior that reflects not only the client's career but also a space which only the colour of the sky blue has given the hard surface a soft appearance despite the absence of other colours.


  • Balinese Twist

    • (Punggol Field)
    • Modern Balinese
    • Resort feel is still achievable in a contemporary approach... The final result not only provides clean lines through the interior, but also serves to accentuate the differences of material with no blurring at the points of connection.


  • Inner Glow

    • (Chua Chu Kang)
    • Futuristic Raw
    • Connecting the living and the kitchen to allow visual continuation to take place and certainly with an emphasis on functionality as well as beauty, the interior has incorporated light boxes to further enhanced the space. Amazingly, these light boxes do function as a form of light source when the night is near...


  • Small Details Big Impact

    • (Tampines)
    • Fusion Mix
    • An attention to details and an absolute passion for materials


  • Portrait of Calm

    • (Ang Mo Kio)
    • Contemporary Zen
    • The space planning deters the transition from public to private areas, connecting a series of spaces that become more intimate as one ascends. The simplicity usage of the materials is illustrated in different forms of shapes which raise the comfort level of the interior.


  • House Warming

    • (Dover Crescent)
    • Contemporary Cosy
    • White and grey have been the best supporting hue to bring out the bold colours e.g. red, yellow, citrus orange. The mobile kitchen cabinet is tactfully merge with the fix carpentry. A stylish home was born.



Substance Living was born to give a new dimension in urban living for landed houses and condominium. Serving customer base in the upper echelons of society, we put more Substance in interior design. To create a private sanctuary, experience a unique style of living and possess the freedom of uninhabited living. That’s Substance Living!

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Landed Property

  • East Meet West

    • (D'Grove Villa)
    • White Minimalist
    • Fine detail, careful colour selection & material application were the few important criteria to meet the expectations. The furnitures were selected to look eastern.


  • Lux Classic I

    • (The Light @ Cairnhill)
    • Contemporary Classic
    • Take the oynx stone as the main character that shines with character, the love for Varsace, ornamental furniture & luxurious European fabric. It is no wonder the stunning comments keep paving in.


  • Function + Space + White

    • (Sunny Legend)
    • Modern Minimalist
    • When you have so many styles to choose from, you are certainly pamper with quality design and function.

  • Garden Poetic

    • (The Warren)
    • Oriental Asia
    • Imagine this... When you step out of the room, you feel the breeze blowing, the texture granite on your feet with pebbles. The koi fish swimming towards you and greet you. The natural sunlight shines at you while you relax in the jacuzzi. Open your eyes and you see this is true in this apartment.


  • Family Love

    • (Azalea Park)
    • Modern Fusion
    • A family oriental approach for this design. The designers have to look into the storage space as the key priority. After much brainstorming, the end result was a happy family reunion space.


  • Aquatic Sense

    • (Villa De West)
    • Classic Advant Garde
    • Incorporating these antique pieces with the modern look certainly poses a challenge to the designers. All these are never regretted.


  • High Level

    • (Katong @ Spring)
    • Modern Baroque
    • Living on the 1st storey has never been more convincing until you meet this project. The high ceiling and outdoor terrace gives this habitat an advantage. The interior is transformed. The suspended chandelier from the ceiling highlighted the grandeur feel.


  • Stylish Singular

    • (Kasturina Lodge)
    • Stylish Modern
    • "When you think you are lonely, you are not." The interior of the house will get you feel soothing and relaxing. The fine line feature wall becomes the focal point of the entire living. The mosaic tiles highlight the bathroom. The stylish kitchen brings out its white character.


  • Mezzanine Smooth

    • (Savannah Park)
    • Contemporary Modern
    • This Penthouse has many reasons to be worth admired at. The design poses a great challenge with its unique selection of materials, like natural stone, timber, veneer, imported wall covering, lightings, curtain, fancy panel, glass & etc. All these elements form the interior and the ultimate is astonishing.


  • Manga Fantasy

    • (Level Z)
    • Modern Theme Cartoon
    • Theme of this house ~ Modern Theme cartoon and it blends in well with the modern unclutter concept. A home filled with comics and figurine collections.


  • PUB Play

    • (Park Green)
    • Modern Black
    • Who will say that X-Box, pool table and Transformer figurines are only meant for children? When you fall in love with them, age is never a boundary. You have actually filled this house with lots of your love.


  • Red Connection

    • (Sunflower)
    • Contemporary Red
    • The red became the centre piece of the interiors. It represents love, passion & broaden the attention to the interiors with uniquely selection of materials. Love your life & you get connected with the interiors.


  • Smooth Connection

    • (The Nexus)
    • Modern Play
    • Room & space interconnected & wide open space when needed, the unique door design does the function. The T.V. can be swivel from room to room to fulfill your craze for favourite show. Love to play... love this space.


  • Mystic Compartment

    • (Level Z)
    • Modern Function
    • Once the owner asked "How do we conceal the existing door & frames as they don't see seem to match with my taste?" Now, just take a look at what we have done to the house.


  • White Accoustic

    • (Ris Grandeur)
    • Minimalist Stylish
    • When you want music to combine with art & total change of colour mood from the day to night, you may be wandering how it will work? A space for music, piano & bose sound system. You can be assured a total relaxation when the new age music play.


  • Zen Relief

    • (Level Z)
    • Modern Zen
    • Our feature wall for this apartment is aesthetic appealing yet also functioning. It started with symmetrical alignment of the feature wall so that the space can be enhanced.


  • Pebbles Play

    • (Dahlia Park)
    • Contemporary Unique
    • Little touches are extremely important and the space could be futher enhanced with our precise attention to details in an aesthetic approach. The exploration of filling the pebbles in the hollows of polycarbonate sheets is recycled into light box features and partitions. This explains the possibilities of moving the ideas of natural materials into interior projects.


  • Visual Continuation

    • (Dahlia Park)
    • Contemporary Linear
    • The phrase tells it all... and let your vision continues as the difference activities functioned within this border. Be it the feature wall, the fish tank or the wall lights that have caught your attention, the highlights are still the graphical murals and a play on contrast in lighting and colours which have added more depths to this space.


  • Framework

    • (Aquarius by the Park)
    • Architectural Line
    • A frame within a frame... Like a photo frame, the idea of capturing the activities in the space is invigorated in the interior. The sculptural frame explores the potential usage as a display, a bench and a side table for the raised platform.


  • Pretty Natural

    • (Le Wilkie)
    • Contemporary Resort
    • Throughout this small apartment, clever design tricks help to visually enlarge the space. Small mirror panels are placed carefully. Uplighters bounce light off the ceiling, seamless storage & door panels are natural material teak wood. All thanks to our Asian taste.


  • House of Art

    • (Chuan View)
    • Modern Art
    • Marvellous artwork comes from the passion of collecting art pieces around the world. We have decided what we love for our new sanctuary. The exterior alteration to the interior changes, it is simply stunning.


  • Voluminous Space

    • (Chuan Drive)
    • Contemporary Italian
    • The family had envisioned more for "art decor or retro" concept. Large space & random light does the job without adding clutter. Decorative furnishing like Phillipe Stark's Bubble Club armchair & Italian Bisazza mosaic became the permanent residence of the space.


  • Elegant Haven

    • (Queens Rd)
    • Contemporary Italian
    • A house filled with surprise with every area well planned. The posh looking interiors, the reflective wall panels to the boutique looking walk-in closet, the well display exclusive handbag collection, follow by the remarkable looking master bathroom. It is a sure stunning looking design.


  • Marvel Glow

    • (Toh Tuck Crescent)
    • Contemporary Function
    • This decade old house goes from dark & crampy to delight with clever touches & a modern design edge cantilever glass roof; clever cabinet storage, tinted glass railing & translucent artificial light are the additional feature to replace common feature wall panel.


  • Classic Haven

    • (Coronation Rd)
    • Modern Classic
    • A 3-storey house filled with character. Interior space underwent major transformation. The most major alteration is the master bedroom & bathroom. When you come to this luxury living to suit the taste, there will be no compromise.


  • White Immense

    • (Kismis Ave)
    • Modern Retro
    • White has been the basic hue for this house. It is clean, sleek and emerges as stylish. All material elements are well balance and compliments with the hue. This makes the house surface look immense and certainly filled with character.


  • Black Discovery

    • (Fidelio St)
    • Modern Contemporary
    • The house was torn down & re-built into a two and a half storey house. The designing process was carefully executed in maximising every space. The kitchen has been well planned by enclosing the accessories, the counter table & unsightly coffee table, blender & cooker. It is now a clean unclutter open kitchen with only a customised dining cabinet integrated with an island cabinet.


  • Artistic State

    • (Li Hwan)
    • Contemporary Function
    • A house with painting that blends in with the interior or the interior that blends in with the painting. They all make sense. The house is reconfigured to reach the artistic state. The other challenging factor is the geomancy of the house.


  • Lux Classic II

    • (Cornwall)
    • Elegant Classic
    • The bungalow villa was transform into classical design when the designer introduce with the luxurious furnitures. The wall paper was especially elegant & carefully selected. It brought out the most of the client desire when expertise was put in place. A big smile from our designer this luxury love.


  • Mystic State

    • (Miltonia Close)
    • Modern Classic
    • The moment you want the theme of a classic status. The love for it never fades. The red rose can be passion, the black just goes well. You will fall in love with it once you set your eyes on it. Interior design is always mysterious before it is complete.


  • Secret Compartment

    • (Telok Kurau)
    • Elegant Classic
    • Punctuate the interior with interesting colours and materials. Colour plays a fundamental role in the interior that we live and consequently affect our emotions and stimulate reactions and sensations. Behind all these touches of brilliant colours are clever hidden storages.


  • Sparkling Wine

    • (Tenah Merah Kechil)
    • Modern Contemporary
    • Total transformation for this house can raise a challenge to us. We started with re-configuration of space, highlight the wall in the air well, re-decorating the interior and introduce new materials. The end results have set a new horizon for this couple.


  • Vast Oasis

    • (Jln Tenang)
    • Architectural Modern
    • What will you do when you own a land. To build an office, a restaurant, a hotel, or a swimming pool. Then why not have a house to have all these? More importantly, a house that brings out your character.


White 2 Partnership

Guided with a strong design foundation, project management and professional customer service, we strive to conceptualize the corporate image to merge with the business model of our clients. Our commercial projects include offices, hotel, salon, disco pub, resorts, retail outlets, art gallery and education centre etc.




  • Hotel Nostalgia

    • (Lion Properties)
    • Boutique hotel currently under construction at Tiong Bahru. Opening in 2009.


  • Retail

    • (Lee Hwa Jewellery)
    • Retail shop interior design for Lee Hwa Jewellery


  • Disco Pub

    • (RAV)
    • Disco pub located at Boat Quay.


  • Tuition Centre

    • (Just Education)
    • Established tuition centre with 13 outlets all over Singapore.


  • Show flat

    • (The Bliss)
    • Showflat at Jalan Masjid


  • School

    • (Ashford Management)
    • Management institute located at Anson Road


  • Retail

    • (Nail Clinique)
    • Nail spa in Star Hill Mall, Kuala Lumpur


  • Art Gallery

    • (NewArt Gallery)
    • NewArt Gallery located at Amoy Street
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Premium interior design showcase for landed house, condo, HDB. We also specialise in office, retail, hotel design to meet your business needs and market trend; Feature in Home & Decor, Square Room, Channel U.